Angry Birds 2 is an all new Angry Birds game that has all new features, birds, levels and more. The enemy in this game is not King Pig but King Armie, Leader of the Armadillos. Will birds and pigs make peace???



The Pigs were in the castle one day plotting how to get the eggs. All of a sudden, the armadilloes invaded the castle sending the pigs running. The pigs went to Bird island and rushed to the birds. The birds promised to help the pigs if they never took their eggs again! The pigs declined, but the birds became Even MADDER when the Armadillos took the eggs and captured most of the birds and King Pig! The remaining birds and Pigs realized they had to join forces and get everyone back!

Birds/Pigs 2016Edit

Non Caged Creatures

Red W1 Lv 1= No power

Chuck W1 Lv 3= Speeding Up

Bubbles W1 Lv 7= Expanding

Medium Pig W1 Lv 8= Supersonic Oink

Small Pig W1 Lv 10= Exploding only pigs

Caged Creatures

Hal   W1 Lv 15= Boomeranging

Mustache Pig   W1 Lv 30= Spinning Around and knocking stuff over

Large Pig   W2 Lv 15= Bodyslaming armadilloes

Blues   W2 Lv 30= Splitting into 3

Bomb   W3 Lv 15= Exploding everything

Helmet Pig   W3 Lv 30= Shooting a large blast at armadilloes

Scientist Pig   W4 Lv 15= Potions with different effects

Stella   W4 Lv 30= Makes bubbles when tapped

Chef Pig   W5 Lv 15=  Cooks armadillos in a range

Snow Bird   W5 Lv 30: Summons a Snowstorm that hurts pigs

Holo Bird   W6 Lv 15: Makes a holographic eagle appears, Shooting for the closest enemy

Rainbow Bird   W6 Lv 30: Makes 1-3 Armadillos turn good (This counts as killing one and you get 3000 pts

Worlds 2016Edit

W1: Armadillo Armada

W2: Dewl Drops

W3: Burning Blazes

W4: City Lights

W5: Frozen Fury

W6: Rainbow Lair

Enemies 2016Edit

Small Armadillo



Fat Armadillo

Bosses 2016Edit

W1: Topleader Admin

W2: Multileader Admin

W3: Blastingleader Admin

W4: Bubble Commander

W5: Snowy Commander

W6: King Armie (Rainbow Copter)