The birds are back in space, Time for a brand new adventure!


3 years have past since the birds have defeated the space king pig! But a radioactive accident deep in space has set a time warp bringing the birds back into space! All of the Birds warped through time and SUPRIZE!!! THE SPACE KING IS BACK!!! He put all the Space birds in cages! No one can save them... Exept mabye for 3 cracking eggs that came through the portal with them!

Birds (In order of unlocking)  *= New BirdEdit

  • Super Brown Bird (Fred) - Teleports
  • Super Light Green Bird (Joel) - Shocks Pigs
  • Super Magenta Bird (Natalie) - Reverses Gravity

Super Red - Nothing

Super Terence - Click to get stronger

Super Bubbles - Inflates

Super Hal - Double Boomerang

Super Blues - Split into 3

Super Bomb - Makes an explosion

Super Matilda - Drops pig seeking egg

Super Stella - Shoots bubbles in all directions

Super Chuck - Shoots in chosen direction at pigs

Ice Bird


Space Regular Pig

Space Mini Pig

Space Large Pig

Space Moustache Pig

Space Fat Pig

Ice Pig