One day a spaceship fell from the sky. Inside was an evil Emboar alien that controlled Ash, Dawn and Brock's pokemon's minds (all of them!). And then they caged up the 3 heros. You have to play as Ritchie or Misty and save the world from being destroyed by Emboar's Team! Get new pokemon by using catch mode as appose to Battle mode. Have fun!

Pokemon to can catchEdit

Varies on how lucky you are in Catch mode:

Epi 1: Kanto Pokemon

When Epi 2 is unlocked: Johto Pokemon

When Epi 3 is unlocked: Hoenn Pokemon

When Epi 4 is unlocked: Sinnoh Pokemon

When Epi 5 is unlocked: Unova Pokemon

When Epi 6 is unlocked: Kalos Pokemon

When Epi 7 is unlocked: Legendary and Mythical Pokemon


Kanto Krumble

Johto Jumble

Hoenn Hunt

Sinnoh Smackdown

Unova Battle

Kalos Showdown

Alolan Upheaval

Space World