Pokemon!!! Edit

In Rotation:Edit

Pikachu: Pikachu is Ash's friend. He once joined Team Rocket for 3 episodes

Grazheep: Ash caught Grazheep as a Baagraze in the Venus Village

Egisplash: Ash caught Egisplash as an Aqueal in Pluto Town.

Xeleetyle: Xeleetyle is a bug pokemon Ash caught in Zeletile Forest

Glalie: Ash caught glalie in Hoeen years ago, He now battles with him all the time

Aardark: Aardark followed Ash for a while then he caught the little Dark/Ground Type

Oshawott - Dewott: Ash's Oshawott followed Ash for a long time. It evolved when He reunited with his friend

Meloetta: Ridley gives Ash his meloetta for his Swellow

One time Tatsamie UseEdit

Ash's Toarkal: Ash used Toarkal to battle Lily

Ash's Gible: Ash used Gible on his last gym battle

Ash's Gliscor: Ash returned Gliscor to his team for an episode because it missed Ash So much