Roll with it

- Bearoll's official catchprase

Bearoll is a six legged bear skylander who is a new skylander is Skylanders Mega Squad. Along with Airtone and Oaktre he is one of the 3 skylanders to be in every starter pack. He is a species called Bearo. He is 20 years old.


Bearoll was born with 6 legs and every single Bearo made fun of him and called him a freak. Then one day he found a magical wand. The wand had words engraved in the side of it BEAROLL. Bearoll wanted to get rid of the people who made fun of him but master eon wanted him to join the Mega Squad so he did just that.


A button= JUMP!

B button= Magic wand that cages enimies

1 button= Rolls into a ball and charges at enimies


6 leg stomp= Press Z to punch enimies with all 6 feet

Magic Range= Magic wand range goes farther

Black Pit= Leaves a hole to trap enimies after you get out of ball form

Wand Ace:

Triple Cage= Shoots 3 cage beams at a time when B is pressed three times fast

Spikkage= Enimie gets hurt whine in cage

Magic Transmission= Hold B and enemys will stop attacking for a minute

Roll Ruler

Rolling Minions= Realeses minions after rolling

Rollunder= Hold 1 to roll under ground. Your enimies will never see it coming

Hoproll= Press 1, 3x fast to let Bearoll pounce the nearest enemy


Roll with it

Roll all day


Rolling in Dough! (When collecting money)

New Strike (When upgrading)