Carter is the main playable character in the games X Attack, X Attack 2: Return of Naitram and X Attack Rush. He is 60 percent human and 40 percent dragon, We will get to why later. He is 11 years old and he lives with his mom, dad and brother Joey who is 75 percent human and 25 percent T-Rex. Carter is also a good inventor


When Carter was 8, he was digging in his yard when he uncovered a stone brick. He went inside and got his Power Punch Glove that he got for his birthday. Then he punched the stone brick revealing a secret room under it. He jumped in and was saved by a pool of glowing water. He got out and looked around. There were stone stairs leading to what looked like a statue of a dragon head. Carter went up and punched the statue with his glove and it broke into 2. The 2 halves fell over revealing a secret hole