Ruler of you

-Cometots official catchphrase

Comelot is a young comet with 2 rulers in his hands. He is a magic element and he is 8 years old.


Comelot is a comet born recently to a royal family in deep space. One day when he was playing outside he jumped to high and fell out of orbit. He was never seen again. But then 3 years later he came to earth and Master Eon took care of him. And on his 8th birthday he wanted to join the skylanders. So Master Eon gave him his present. A magic ruler, Capable of confusing enimies.


A button= Jump

B button= Crushes closest enemy from above

1 button= Throws ruler at enemy


OOOHHH Shiny= Press Z to Attract enemys with your shiny crown, then sik em!

Huge Crush= Crushes take more damage from enemys

Duorang= Rulers turn into a boomerang

Wood Whammer:

Elitrang= Holding 1 can send a faster and more powerful boomerang

6 rang= Boomerangs now have 6 sides

Toxirang= Boomerangs infect enemys and others around it

Force Crusher:

Meteor Mash= Holes from criushes stay there

Off Balance= Crushes put other enemy's off balance

Chip off the old meteor= Another metor blasts after Comelot


Ruler of You

Eat my Ruler

Thats right come to the light

Im Rich, HAHAHA (When collecting money)

Time to show the world my new ability! (When upgrading)