The MoveEdit

Electron Pressure is a move that any pokemon can learn, even if its not electric type. The move is unleashed if a pokemon team has been defeated exept for one and its at red on hp. Then the pokemon bursts the enemy with 1,000,000 volts. Once the move has been done it goes away. Every time electronic pressure is used, It looks different

Type: Electric

Fire Variation: Flaming Pressure
Froakie electronic

Water Variation: Tidal Pressure

In the AnimeEdit

Froakie used this move after being defeated by Penelope's Sylveon in the episode 47 of pokemon p&p adventures. This is the same episode Ash temporarily trades Froakie for Premier's Sligoo.

Later, in Froakie's Electrodilemma, Froakie starts to use it out of control and the only cure is a root found only at X Mountian!