The koopalings are Bowser's helpers that appear in many canon and fanon games. The first Super Fanon Game they appeared in was New Super Mario Bros Z. In the game they appeared in they're in this order at castles: Iggy, Larry, Morton, Roy, Wendy, Ludwig then Lemmy. In the final worlds they appear as Super Koopas. In New Super Mario Blue they appear to be blue in battle. In Super Mario XHD World, 3 new koopa's are introduced. Kenny, Xena and Oscar, they are slightly stronger then the rest.

Iggy KoopaEdit

New Super Mario Bros Z:


New Super Mario Bros Z: When you get to the W2-Castle, Larry is in a room with an electric fence on the celing. Kamek comes down and make the floor bouncy. You have to defeat Larry while trying to save yourself from the electric fence of doom!


New Super Mario Bros Z: When you get to the W-3 Castle, Morton is sitting on a Stuffed Animal Buffalo. Kamek comes down and brings the buffalo to life! You defeat him by making him run at you then dodging. That will knock him into a wall and hurt him. After 3 times, he is defeated