Mario Kart X: World Tour is a new game for the Nintendo Solar. It features such as customizing your own special vehicles and tracks. It is set to be released on June 23, 2019, along with the Nintendo Solar

Features Edit

Returning Features Edit

Many features will be returning from previous Mario Kart games. These include Gliders, Underwater Tracks and Custom Carts from MK7, Anti Gravity from MK8, all the old powerups return and you can ride together in carts if chosen to like in Mario Kart Double Dash

New Features Edit

New Features include full customization, track creations, 4 new powerups, and special areas where you can put on special running shoes and run through the track (The X is supposed to represent shoe laces). Each character has their own set of shoes

Modes Edit

World Tour-You can play with up to 5 players in the World Tour mode. The courses will be inspired by real life places in the world, you will unlock more as you play

Balloon Battle-Balloon Battle is similar to the way it is in previous MK games.

Double Races-



Characters Edit

Image Name Description Weight Special Item
Mario Mario is Nintendo's main mascot and hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. He has balanced stats. Medium Fireball
Luigi Luigi is Mario's younger brother and hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. Luigi has balanced stats Medium Poultergeist
Yoshi Yoshi is a green dinosaur, ally and hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. Yoshi has good acceleration but lacks in drift and off-road Medium Egg Bombs
Peach Peach is the beautiful blonde princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. Princess Peach has good acceleration Medium

New Powerups Edit

All Levels Edit

Mushroom Cup:

  • Mario Circuit Solar
  • Loch Pless
  • Koopa City