Mario Kart Z is a new mario kart game for the Nintendo Z-Weight and the Ninth Game in the Mario Kart Series. There are 45 playable characters, 16 New Courses, 16 Returning Courses and Many new cart customizations. It brings back gliders and anti gravity. It also introduces the ability to use a powerup called Z-Shoes to run on courses!

Playable CharactersEdit

1. Mario

2. Luigi

3. Peach

4. Daisy

5. Bowser

6. Toad

7. Yoshi

8. Bowser Jr.

9. Koopa Troopa

10. Wario

11. Waluigi

12. Boo

13. Petey Pirannah

14. Larry

15. Lemmy

16. Ludwig

17. Iggy

18. Roy

19. Morton

20. Wendy

21. Donkey Kong

22. Diddey Kong

23. Kamek

24. Birdo

25. Shyguy

26. Wiggler

27. Honey Queen

28. Metal Mario

29. Lakitu

30. Toadette

31. Toadsworth

32. Goomba

33. Plessie

34. Baby Mario

35. Baby Yoshi

36. Baby Luigi

37. Baby Daisy

38. Baby Peach

39. Baby Toad

40. Baby Toadette

41. Blooper

42. Fuzzy

43. Tiny Kong

44. Funky Kong

45. Professer E. Gadd

New CoursesEdit

Mushroom Cup:

Mario Circuit Z

Flipper Stadium

Magic Dimention

Ghostly Mansion

Flower Cup:

Koopa River

Cavern Cliffs

Mushroom Chasm

Port City

Star Cup:

Alpine Forest

Loch Pless

Cloudy Pass

Large Village

Special Cup:

Neo Bowser City 2.0

Shining Galaxy

Frozen Plains

Rainbow Road Z

Shell Cup:

Bone Dry Dunes

Maka Wuhu

Shroom Ridge

Thwomp Ruins

Banana Cup:

Koopa Cape

Royal Raceway

Coconut Mall


Leaf Cup:

Choco Mountian

DK Jungle

Broken Pier

Dino Dino Jungle

Lightning Cup:

Moonview Highway

Yoshi Desert

Maple Tree Way

Rainbow Road 3DS




Ice Flower

Green Shell

Red Shell




Fire Flower

Nitro Nines



Super Bell

Super Acorn

Tanooki Leaf

Double Cherry

Sound Box

Boomerang Flower

Propeller Shroom

Penguin Suit

Pirannah Plant