The final city in Pokemon Uranium and Neptunium. It is very hard to get to but it has many legendary secrets:

1. Beat the Game

2. Catch Entei/Raikou and 5 other legendaries: Main Legendary, Elemental Legendary, Mew, Mewtwo & Plutron

3. Get HM Warp Speed from Professer Spruce at Outbit Mountian/ Swamstone Valley after catching U/N

4. Teach Warp Speed to Entei/Raikou

5. Go SouthWest from Route 10 in the opposite direction of Vandus Town until reaching a large mountian

6. Go over and Press A.

7. It will ask you if you want to use Warp Speed, Say Yes!

8. On the other side, You are in a city. You start to notice legendaries and gymleaders, You found it!

Mayor BuildingEdit

Super TowerEdit

Leaden CafeEdit

Icerto HouseEdit

N's HouseEdit

Battle Clemont!Edit

Once in Midnight Town, You will notice a ledge with a bouncy shroom on it North-West from where you break out. You will notice Clemont there. Once you go up the ledge, he talks. Where is the fabled HM11? He says and bounces up on the bouncyshroom. If you follow him, you