It's Christmas Eve in the Mushroom Kingdom and everyne is sitting down for a Christmas feast. Right when everyone was taking their first bite, Bowser broke in. Exept for some reason he was blue. All of a sudden a Mario with a blue cap and a Luigi with a blue cap came next to Bowser! Hahahahahahah With a magical spell I now can make a blue replica of any of your stupid friends! Bowser laughed. Bowser sent sparks at Toad, Yoshi and Peach. And I will be taking this! Bowser cried. He took a section of the castle and a boy with a crown was in it. Ahhhhhh! Said Peach. Thats my brother! All of a sudden sparks shot out of Yoshi, Toad and Peach's eyes and those sparks turned into a light blue toad, an indigo yoshi and a peach with blue earrings and a blue dress. Then the boy said HELP ME FRIENDS! And he threw a bunch of black antennad mushrooms at the worlds. Soon Bowser, The Prince and The Blue copys were gone. We have to have to help! Said Mario. Then one of those black mushrooms drifted down to Mario and he turned into: ANT MARIO!!! Capable of climing on walls and Lifting up and throwing enimies. Cool, Said Mario. LETS A' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Playable CharactersEdit







World 1: The Mushroom Kingdom with new goomba

World 2: Mushroom Kingdom Night all levels have new boo's

World 3: A suburban area where you can go into houses

World 4: A blazing mountian where the sun is controled by an evil new koopaling

World 5: A sunken ship with cheep-cheeps and treasure.

World 6: The australian outback and the rise of a new flower

World 7: A racing world similar to Mario Kart

World 8: Bowser's Haunted Hallways

World 9: A dinosaur world with lava

World 10: Bowsers Lava Universe

Boss FightsEdit

World 1 First Boss: Evil Mario

World 1 Second Boss: Roy Koopa

World 2 First Boss: Evil Luigi

World 2 Second Boss: Larry Koopa

World 3 First Boss: Evil Yoshi

World 3 Second Boss: Ludwig Koopa

World 4 First Boss: Evil Toad

World 4 Second Boss: Tom E. Koopa

World 5 First Boss: Wendy and Windy Koopa

World 5 Second Boss: Morton Koopa Jr.

World 6 First Boss: Lemmy Koopa

World 6 Second Boss: Iggy Koopa

World 7 First Boss: Hydraa

World 7 Second Boss: Baby Tyler Koopa

World 8 First Boss: Bowser Jr,

World 8 Second Boss: Robobowser and Evil Peach

World 9 First Boss: Robot Armor Bowser Jr.

World 9 Second Boss: Kamek

World 10 First Boss: Dry Bowser

World 10 Second Boss: All Koopaling Clown Car and Bowser

Power UpsEdit

1up Shroom

2up Stone

3up Moon

10up Acorn

Super Shroom

Fire Flower

Ice Flower


Boomerang Flower

Frog Suit

Hammer Suit



Super Flower

Cape Feather



Wing Cap

Vanish Cap

Metal Cap

Power Flower

Mix Flower

Blue Shell

Mini Mushroom


Bee Shroom


Spring Shroom

Red Star


Penguin Suit

Cloud Flower

Rock Shroom

Statue Leaf

Invincibility Leaf

Gold Flower

Super Acorn


Cat Bell

Double Cherry