Will Mario and Luigi ever wake up??? After Bowser opens a portal to the dream world and brings Peach with him, Mario and friends jump in afterwards! Bowser closes the portal so they cant get out! And the worst part is, Its BOWSER'S DREAM! Will Mario and friends save Peach, or be Bowser's slaves FOREVER?!?!?!


Playable CharactersEdit

Mario - Mario is the main protagonist in NSMBDL and he is easy to control!

Luigi - Luigi is Mario's loyal brother who can jump really high!

Toad - Toad is Peach's friendly shroom servant who can run very fast!

Metal Mario - Mario and MM have joined forces to save Peach!


Peach - She is captured by Bowser, You have to save her!

Daisy - Come to her shop to buy stuff

Toadette - She can give you advice in her house

Rosalina - 2 words: Cosmic Helper


Green: None

Red: Super Throwing

Orange: Higher Flutter Jumps

Yellow: Longer Tounge

Blue: Higher Reg Jumps

Purple: Runs Faster

White: Bigger Mouth

Brown: Hit by a foe twice without running away

Black: Beats strong foes

Pink: Scans for secret places


1: Dream Kingdom- Like the mushroom kingdom, but dreamier!

2: Twilight Jungle- A jungle with a pink sky and rainbow water

3: Daybreak Island- An island bursting into flames, You MUST escape

4: Sleepy Sands- A desert with magical sleep sand and a Sandman Boss

5: Mount Snore- A mountain with pillows and... DOOM!

6: Sweet Dreams- All the candy you can imagine on a giant island

7: Dream Clouds- Like your walking on a dreamy fluffy cloud (Oh wait you are)

8: Bowser's Subconsious- Take a regular World 8, Now picture it 1,000 times worse



Fortress: Boom Boom

Castle: Larry

Airship: Goombrawler


Fortress: Pom Pom

Castle: Roy

Airship: Tropitroopa


Fortress: Boom Boom

Castle: Iggy

Airship: Boss Blooper


Fortress: Pom Pom

Castle: Ludwig

Airship: Sandozz


Fortress: Boom Boom

Castle: Morton

Airship: Candy Crasher


Fortress: Pom Pom

Castle: Wendy

Airship: Ampraiser


Fortress: Boom Boom and Pom Pom

Castle: Lemmy

Airship: Footonn


Fortress 1: Mega Larry and Roy

Fortress 2: Mega Iggy and Ludwig

Castle 1: Bowser Jr in Super Clown Car

Castle 2: Dark Kamek

Fortress 3: Mega Morton and Wendy

Castle 3: Boom-Boom and Pom-Pom

Airship 1: False Bowser

Fortress 4: Lemmy and Kamek

Bowser's Castle: Bowser and Bowser Jr

Airship 2: Power Surge Bowser

W9: Final Secret