New Super Mario Bros Z is a Mario game and the 7th installment in the NSMBs series. It is for the Z-Weight and has a boatload of new features and many returning features such as:

  • Pranksterite (Like Prankster Comets)
  • 3D Format (Like Super Mario 3D World)
  • A wider selection of players
  • Up to 6 players
  • 20 worlds
  • 120+ levels
  • ect...


What seemed like a normal day turned into a big adventure! One fine day, Mario got a note from Princess Peach saying that Bowser has come! Mario rushes over and Peach is fine. She tells him that he is gone. Then, Peach sterts to glow white and shapes into the illusion's true self: BOWSER JR! He tells you that Peach is locked up in the castle and you have to get her! Mario goes to get her and the chase is on...

Playable CharactersEdit

Mario (From Start)

Luigi (FS)

Toad (FS)

Rosalina (FS)

Bowser Jr (Starting at World 10)

Peach (End of Game)


1: Mushroom Kingdom

2: A jungle world

3: A mountain world

4: A desert world

5: An island world

6: An arctic world

7: Swampland

8: Sky world

9: Dark Scary Woods world

10: Bowser's City

11: Ocean world

12: City world

13: Ruins world

14: Canyon world

15: Space world

16: Nuke town world

17: Dinosaur world

18: Ice Ace world

19: Future Mushroom Kingdom



World 1:

Tower: Bowser Jr.

Castle: Iggy Koopa

Airship: Boss Pirannah

World 2:

Tower: False Bowser

Castle: Larry Koopa

Airship: Super Goomba

World 3:

Tower: Kamek

Castle: Morton Koopa Jr.

Airship: Bereus Beardus

World 4:

Tower: Petey Pirannah

Castle: Roy Koopa

Airship: Sander Rowser

World 5:

Tower: Undergrunt Gunner

Castle: Wendy O Koopa

Airship: Octoblaster

World 6:

Tower: King Kaliente

Castle: Ludwig Von Koopa

Airship: Baron Brrrr

World 7:

Tower: Peewee Pirannah

Castle: Lemmy Koopa

Airship: Swampenator

World 8:

Tower: Dino Pirannah

Castle: Boom Boom

Airship: Giga Lakitu

World 9:

Tower: Bouldergeist

Castle: Pom Pom

Airship: Diggaleg

World 10:

Tower: Bowser Jr.

Castle: Bowser

Airship: Bowsertron 5000

World 11:

Tower: Kingfin

Castle: Nitro Lemmy

Airship: Walrotter

World 12:

Tower: Megaleg

Castle: Electro Morton

Airship: Car Crusher

World 13:

Tower: Fiery Dino Pirannah

Castle: Liquid Larry

Airship: Ruinator

World 14:

Tower: Kamella

Castle: Psycho Wendy

Airship: Helioton

World 15:

Tower: Topmaniac

Castle: Tropics Iggy

Airship: Alien Goomba

World 16:

Tower: Tarantox

Castle: Venomus Iggy

Airship: Toxitron

World 17:

Tower: Squizzard

Castle: Primative Ludwig

Airship: Dinodasher

World 18:

Tower: Sorbetti

Castle: Ultra Boom Boom

Airship: Mamozap

World 19:

Tower: Prince Pikante

Castle: Mega Pom Pom

Airship: Koopatron 1,000,000

World 20:

Tower: Dry Bowser

Castle: Dark Bowser

Final Castle: Neo Bowser

New EnemiesEdit



Windup Koopas