How you unlock the pokemonEdit

In the first level it allows you to get your plants. Then Dr. Zomoss comes in, in his Zombot. He immeadietly crushes your plants and runs away. Crazy Dave gives you pokemon to battle instead of plants.Now you have to defend your lawn with pokemon!


World 1: Your House

World 2: Cerulean City

World 3: Celadon City

World 4: Fusica City

World 5: Viridian City

World 6: Pokemon Leauge

World 7: Back to your house!


Your House: Budew: Budew gives you energy to charge seed packs

Weepinbell: Shoots ballls of slime at zombies

Voltorb: Explodes, Killing zombies in a small area

Sudowoodo: Is very sturdy, zombie eats it so slow you have time to kill it

Digglet: Plants in the ground and punches up at zombie when a zombie passes by

Cubchoo: Shoots ice balls at zombie

Totedile: Eats zombie, Vulnerable when chewing

Victreebell: Shoots 2 balls of slime at zombies