Zombies have invaded your lawn again but this time they are smarter, faster and more tricky to beat. Now Crazy Daves Truck has WAY more stuff to help you. Have fun with 10 new plants!


Apple Cage : Traps Zombies, hard to bite through a metal cage     Weakness: Teeth Zombie

Zapricot: Zaps Zombies     Weakness: Bucket head

Avalacado: Shoots Snowballs at Zombies    Weakness: Yeti Zombie

Cantalope: Grabs onto a zombies face making it switch lanes    Weakness: X Ray Zombie

Kiwi: Beats up zombies by litterally throwing punches     Weakness: Mirror Zombie

Jockfruit: Tackles Zombies     Weakness: Garganitaurs

Bamboom: Explodes (Similar to Doom Shroom)      Weakness: Panda Zombie

Broccoli Pult: Shoots Broccoli and makes zombies faint because broccoli is discusting     Weakness: Mouth Gaurd Zombie

Cabbage Blaster: Shoots 5 cabbage at a time (Cabbagepult upgrade). Weakness: None

Ugly fruit: So ugly that it makes zombies go back     Weakness: Blind Zombie