Pokemon Adventures The Movie: Uraniroo and Neptunium is about the journey of Joey, A young trainer. Lucas and Alex, Joey's friends on a journey with him. And Carter, Joey's Brother and the Champion of Kalos! While taking a break from their journey on the way to Snowbelle City, come across Arthan Town. A quaint village with a large backstory about the legendary pokemon: Uraniroo and Neptudile! After admins of Team Radioactive awaken Neptudile, Joey and friends must awaken Uraniroo and save the world!

Main Characters :)= Good  :(=BadEdit

Joey  :)

Carter  :)

Lucas  :)

Alex  :)

Wally  :(

Wendy  :(

Wanda  :(

Waldo  :(

Main PokemonEdit

  • Shiny
    • Capable of Mega Evolving

Joey's Fennekin*

Joey's Froakie*

Joey's Charizard**

Joey's Bulbasaur

Carter's Emolga

Carter's Victini

Carter's Meloetta

Carter's Klinklang

Carter's Venusaur**

Lucas' Quilladen

Lucas' Raichu

Alex's Ivysaur