This is an all new series where Ash travels to the Xaca region in order to obtain the eight gymbadges needed to qualify in the Xaca leauge! In this adventure he travels with Allen (A new friend), Iris and Dawn! He starts with Pikachu and obtains an Aarduck. Iris gets a Wheataca and Allen gets a Flartle! There are also many new suprises, let the battles begin!!! It also has the first pokemon theme song to not have world


  • Ash and Iris arrive in Xaca
  • Iris' Emolga is revealed to have perfected Volt Switch
  • Iris' Axew is revealed to evolve into Fraxure
  • They meet Allen
  • Allen begins his pokemon journey and chooses Flartle
  • Ash, Iris and Allen leave Xenon Town to go to Calsea City
  • Ash Catches an Aarduct
  • Iris obtains a Wheataca from Rancher Bob
  • Ash, Iris and Allen arrive in Nitro Town
  • Allen Encounters a Blunny
  • The friends meet up with Dawn
  • Dawn is revealed to capture a Sylveon
  • Ash and Friends arrive at Calsea Forest
  • Ash catches a Celepede
  • Allen Catches a Kentapod
  • Ash and friends arrive in Calsea City
  • Ash battles Minnie and wins the Dig Badge
  • The friends travel to Yalato Town, Sight of Dawn's first pokemon contest
  • Dawn meets up with Zoey
  • Ash meets up with Angie
  • Allen Catches the Blunny
  • Ash's Pikachu learns Wild Charge
  • Ash and friends arrive in Yalato Town
  • They learn the legend of Xeleona
  • Dawn Enters the Yalato Pokemon Contest
  • Allen meets Patrick and the 2 become rivals
  • Dawn uses Pachirisu and Piplup in the showoff round
  • Dawn uses Sylveon in the battle round and wins
  • Ash and Friends take a train to Golsen City
  • Ash challenges the Golsen City gym but it isnt open
  • The friends meet Splash in Blotch cavern
  • Ash has a battle with Splash and wins the Torrent badge
  • The friends get lost in Blotch Cavern
  • The friends find themselves in Blotch Mountain
  • Ash Catches a Moonlite
  • Iris' Gabite learns Encase
  • Dawn Enters the Blotch Mountain Pokemon Contest
  • Dawn Enters Buneary in the BM PC and loses to Jessalily (Jessie)
  • At The Tuliwharf cove, Dawn meets an unconsius Phione
  • Dawn Catches the Phione
  • Iris' Wheataca evolves
  • Iris gets over her fear of Ice types
  • Ash and Friends arrive in Selvar City
  • Ash Catches a Pyryter
  • Ash meets Sylvia the Gymleader
  • Team Radioactive debuts
  • Ash defeats Team Radioactive (But not for long...)
  • Ash's Celepede evolved into Celepod
  • Ash Wins his 3rd Xaca Gym Badge
  • Our heroes meet Nico and Nina
  • Ash meets the 7 admins of Team Radioactive, battles and wins against 3 of them
  • Ash and co. arive in Aieter Island
  • They save the city from Team Rocket
  • More to Come!!!




Age: 15

Badges: 3 by end of season

Pokemon: Pikachu, Aarduct, Celepod, Moonlite, Bayleef, Pyryter



Age: 15

Pokemon: Fraxure, Emolga, Excadrill, Dragonite, Gabite and Wheataca



Age: 11

Pokemon: Flartle, Flipperfly, Blunny



Age: 15

Ribbons: 3 by end of season

Pokemon: Piplup, Pachirisu, Buneary, Mamoswine, Quilava, Togekiss, Sylveon, Phione




Age: 16

Ribbons: ?

Pokemon: Purugly, Mismagius, Gastrodon, Lumineon, Gallade, Hawlucha



Age: 11

Pokemon: Leafeon, Lickylicky



Age: 15

Pokemon: Luxray, Anthorith, Luxio


Episode 1: Xaca AdventureEdit

Ash and Iris arrive in Xaca to begin a new journey


Wheataca  Flartle  Aarduct  Lightza  Pitchning  Steasteam

Episode 2: Were Allen this togetherEdit

Ash and Iris meet Allen, A young boy starting his journey and chooses Flartle


Allen  Allen's Flartle

Episode 3: Friends ForeverEdit

Allen joins Ash and Iris' adventure but is afraid of Iris' Fraxure. Once getting to know it, they become friends


Iris' Gabite 

Episode 4: Xenon Water ShortageEdit

There is a water shortage in Xenon Town. Only our heros can help!



Episode 5: Aarduct in the sewerEdit

Aarduct caused the trouble! Can our heros stop it?

Episode 6: Route One TroubleEdit

Episode 7: Fun at the ranchEdit

Episode 8: Ride like the Wind!Edit

Episode 9: Meet Blunny!Edit

Episode 10: Dawn of a new adventureEdit

Episode 11: Woods of TimeEdit

Episode 12: Double Battle, Double Catch!Edit

Episode 13: Mine and WhineEdit

Episode 14: Minnie up ores!Edit

Episode 15: Dawn's first XacontestEdit

Episode 16: En route to YalatoEdit

Episode 17: Zoey and the Big Bad BlunnyEdit

Episode 18: Angie and Ash, Battle for the AnthorithEdit

Episode 19: Gettin Charged UpEdit

Episode 20: X marks the spotEdit

Episode 21: Frozen in Ice!Edit

Episode 22: Dazzling Hearts of BattleEdit

Episode 23: Trouble on the Train!Edit

Episode 24: Exploration Day!Edit

Episode 25: Current AdventureEdit

Episode 26: Splash and the WaterworksEdit

Episode 27: Lost in Dialga's World!Edit

Episode 28: Rocking Mountian XEdit

Episode 29: Encase Closed!Edit

Episode 30: Town at the Top!Edit

Episode 31: Dont trust JessalilyEdit

Episode 32: Dawn vs JessalilyEdit

Episode 33: Battles in TulicoveEdit

Episode 34: The Phione's for you!Edit

Episode 35: Blast from the past!Edit

Episode 36: Icey DiceyEdit

Episode 37: Sick of it!Edit

Episode 38: Emolga UproarEdit

Episode 39: Feel the clang of Selvar City!Edit

Episode 40: Sylvia and GoldEdit

Episode 41: Radioactive! Radioactive!Edit

Episode 42: Radioactive RumbleEdit

Episode 43: Sparks of Steel! Fight the PowerEdit

Episode 44: Ash, Dawn and the Battle TwinsEdit

Episode 45: Admins AwayEdit

Episode 46: Island of BrightEdit

Episode 47: Power to the PlantEdit

Episode 48: Team Rocket's RockingEdit

The Next episodes are in the "Pokemon Uranium and Neptunium: Leader Victors" series.