The Radioactive Plant is a secret area off of Route 1 where you can catch all of the 3 legendary birds. But before you obtain the Radioactive Key, It looks like a small phone booth. First, After you beat the game, Go to the front of the Plusas Gym and Julia is there. She says hi and gives you the Radioactive Key. Then go to the little building on Route 1. Scan the key up to it and go in. It seems to be an Abandoned Team Radioactive Base. There are 3 punk guys inside and they challenge you to battle. After you battle them, You can go up the stairs and a legendary pokemon will be there:

Zapdos if you chose Wheataca

Arcticuno if you chose Flartle

Moltres if you chose Aarduct

After you catch it, Go to Selvar City and Patrick is waiting for you infront of the gym. He gives you a Power Block, You can attach it to your R Key.

Go Back to the Radioactive Plant and It will ask you which floor you want to go to:



Choose B2 and go down. On this floor, You will battle 3 more Punk Guys. And then go up the stairs. And Again, A legendary pokemon will be waiting for you.

Moltres if you chose Wheataca

Zapdos if you chose Flartle

Articuno if you chose Aarduct

After catching, Go to Eistes City and In front of the gym, Nico/Nina is there and they give you an ExtremeBlok. Attach it to the key and go to the now avalible EXTREME FLOOR in the plant. There is 2 male Radio. Grunts and one female. Go to the top of the stairs again and there is yet AGAIN a legendary pokemon:

Articuno if you chose Wheataca

Moltres if you chose Flartle

Zapdos if you chose Aarduct

Congratulations, You have caught all 3 legendary Bird pokemon!


Zapdos: Lv 55

Articuno: Lv 55

Moltres: Lv 55


Floor B1

Punk Guy Carlos:

Muk: Level 40

Punk Guy Johnny:

Grimer: Level 35

Grimer: Level 35

Punk Guy Rex:

Weezing: Level 45

Floor B2

Punk Guy Joe

Sixbatt: Level 30

Ninbat: Level 35

'Punk Guy Larry':

Elevefox: Level 50

Punk Guy Jones:

Arbok: Level 45

Arbok: Level 45


Radioactive Grunt

Gravitude: Level 40

Radioactive Grunt:

Gravitude: Level 40

Radioactive Grunt:

Gravitude: Level 35

Gravitron: Level 44