Sticking with you

- Splatipus' Official Catchphraise

Splatipus (Or Splat-i-pus) is a platypus skylander with the ability to stick to walls. She is very rare in stores and your chance of finding her in a store is 1/50. She also has a Cosmic Version which has a 1/100 version of finding. She is a species called Platon (Formely Duck Billed Platypus)


Being an ordinary platypus on Earth, Splatipus went to the watering hole to find some water and grass to munch. When she got there, her 30 brothers were missing. After eating lunch, Splatipus found out that her brothers were at an abandoned base unharmed. Inside, Splatipus and her brothers found a vat of goop and Idvarr, Her clumpsy brother, accidently pushed her in! She could now jump high and stick to walls! Not used to her ability, She went outside and jumped... Altheway to Skylands! Master Eon found her and asked her if she wanted to join the skylanders. YES!!! She Said!


A button= JUMP!

B button= Stick onto and suffocate the nearest enemy

1 button= Morph into a goopy flying being


Lazer Lock= Press Z to shoot lazers that attack enemys

Concreate= Take over an enemy's body by holding 1 while on an enemy

Holobeam= Lazers do double the damage while a Morphed being

Lazer Land:

Lazerator= Shoot 2 lazers at a time

Disco Party= Shoots 8 lazers at a time

Lazer X= Hold Z to Shoot a mega bullet

Being of Awesomeness:

Mega Being= The Being is bigger!

Two of me= The being gets cloned

Freezer= Hold 1 in midair to freeze and heal


Sticking with you

Holo Ho!

This one's for my brothers!

Better save this (When Collecting Money)

Time to Splat (While upgrading)