Plankton is at it again! He got every bad guy in Bikini Bottom to join him to take it over! Play as many characters and Each have unique abilities. It is for the Wii U or Z-Weight and it costs 35.99$. There are lots of levels each with a unique place and boss! HAVE FUN AND SAVE BIKINI BOTTOM!


1. Spongebob's House

2. Downtown

3.Jellyfish Fields

4. Mermaid Man's Lair

5. New Kelp City

6. Rock Bottom

7. Krusty Krab

8. The Caverns

9. Planet of the Jellians

10. Frosty Tundra

11. Goo Lagoon

12. The Kelp Forest

13. Shipwreck

14. Port Town

15. The Boardwalk

16. Karate Island

17. Ukelele Bottom

18. Atlantis

19. Tentacle Acres

20. Glove Universe

21. Nowhere Land

22. The Abyss

23. Inferno Island

24. Clarinet Land

25. Sun Fun Island

26. The Chum Bucket

27. The Chum Lab

28. Monster Trench

29. Shell City

30. Planktopolis

Characters & AbilitiesEdit

Spongebob-Easy to Control

Patrick-Eat Enemies

Squidward-Play Clarinet really loudly

Sandy-Kay Ra Tay!

Krabs-Snap at Enemies

Gary-Climb up Walls

Larry-Punch Enemies


W1: Doodle Bob

W2: The Roadies

W3: Queen Jellyfish

W4: Man-Ray

W5: The Bubble Poppin Boys

W6: Soil Monster

W7: Imitation Krabs

W8: Cave Dwellers

W9: Jellyeiin

W10: The Abomanable Sea Monster

W11: Goo Bubble

W12: Filthy Phil

W13: Lip Servasse

W14: The Lung Fish

W15: The Tickler

W16: Master Udon

W17: Ukelele Bot

W18: Lord Royal Hiness

W19: Squidtron

W20: The Owner

W21: Insanity Whisper

W22: Sea Monster

W23: Mecha Guard

W24: Guardian of the Horned Forest

W25: Summer Camp Deity