Vector, Meena, El Macho and a new character have teamed up and captured Gru! Its up to the minions to save him! Now, New characters are different minions, not different costumes, There is new places and new items. Now there minigames to earn you bananas and easy acsess to boss fights. (once you defeated them). Its up to them to save Gru.

Playable CharactersEdit

Dave (From Start)

Kevin (From Start)

Stuart (500 bananas)

Jerry (500 bananas)

Phil (1000 bananas)

Lance (1500 bananas)

Agnes (2000 bananas)

Edith (2000 bananas)

Antonio (3000 bananas)

New LocationsEdit

Vectors House

Meena's Lair

Salsa and Salsa

Miss Hatties Home for Girls

Super Silly Fun Land





El Macho

Robot Meena

Vector, Meena and El Macho

Vector, Meena and El Macho with PX-41 Serum


This game is not set out like Minion Rush. Instead your minion or the girls stands in front of the world your on. You can swipe to make him/her walk to another world you can select. Some are locked until you finish the world before it. Once you select a world, a gru hologram talks to you. Then you can go on there is a level selection. Select your level and its pretty much the same thing after that. But when you get to a boss itwill be like a platform game.


Level 1=