Are you Shuriken?

- Timarai's official catchphraise

Timarai is a Timeninja who is one of the new skylanders in Skylanders Mega Squad. He is sold in a special pack called the 4D pack along with Moonmover and a powerup called the Continuem Rock


Timarai was a young Ninja living in skylands. He loved time! He loved to learn about it, tell it, talk about it. One day, His parents gave him something special: A watch that could: Freeze time, Rewind time, fast forward time, and turn the user into a Warrior Clock! With his new abilities, Timarai joined the skylanders!


A button= JUMP!

B button= Freeze enemy's in time!

1 button= Transform into a ninja humaniod or a ninja clock (Holding B in humanoid form attacks the closest enemy


Remoter= Press Z to make shoot a time blast

Time Curse= Frozen enemys slowly die

Superfreeze= While in Humanoid form, Enemys stay frozen forever

Transformer Warrior:

SuperClock= While in ninja clock form, Holding 2 can make you stronger

Transhield= Holding 1 can maked you invincible in mid transformation. But you cant move

X-Shield= U can move now in mid transformation

Clock Crasher:

Ammo Bomb= Hold 1 and 2 to charge up a Time Blast

Duo Charge= Press X 2 times to make 2 blasts at a time

Intense Beam= Hold Y to shoot a MONSTER BEAM!!!