This tells about Xenon City

Your HouseEdit

You obviously live in your house along with your Mom, Brother and Dad. There is a kitchen, livingroom, and two bedrooms. You and your brother share a room and your parents share a room. You have a Z-Weight in your room. There are 3 pokemon around the house.Your Mom's Chirpling, Your Dad's Tretoad and your brothers Lightza. There is a TM hidden in your Mom and Dad's Room. It is TM Light Bright

Nico and Nina's HouseEdit

There is nothing special exept you pick up Nico/Nina to go to the lab. It also has TM Encase

Patrick's HouseEdit

Patrick's house is where you pick him up. He has a brother and Sister. Under Patrick's Bed, You can find TM Happy Curse

Julia's HouseEdit

Julia is the only child in her house. Her mom gives you TM Volume Limit

Spruce LabrotoriesEdit

This is where Spruce lives w/ his wife, kids and blunny. It is also where you get your first pokemon. He is also the creator of many inventions involving Pokemon Battles.


Wheataca: Level 5

Flartle: Level 5

Aarduct: Level 6

Pokemon BattlesEdit

Professer Spruce: (After Main Game)

Sharpedo Lv 50

Camerupt Lv 50

Gallade Level 50


Flartle Lv 5: If you chose Wheataca

Aarduct Lv 5: If you chose Flartle

Wheataca Lv 5: If you chose Aarduct